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Best Electric Nail File Amazon & Electric Nail File Heads – Pinkiou.Com

We’re going to be doing seven different nail art designs that only require a dotting tool as you can see dotting tools come in all different shapes and sizes and they are cheapest chips that come by and see them in the pound shop all the time and I also see them on ebay for around the same price sally beauty supply electric nail file, so without further ado, I’m just gonna jump straight into the first design, I’m going to use a medium sized dotting tool for the first design, I’m gonna start by dipping my tool and white polish and making five thoughts in a circle shape, and these are our petals fill up the entire nail as much as you can with your five dot system, it doesn’t matter if you have to go off the nail for five dots, you can leave it in two or three this gives the illusion that the pattern is continuing to make the center use a gold polish in the same dotting tool and just add one dot polish in the center, or go one step further link out down here and add a goal best electric nail file amazon.Stunt clean up any mess you’ve made and finish off with a fast drying top coat, and that is design number one for the second design, I’m going to use my large dotting tool, but not quite yet I’m going to start off by using a pantone polish and making a small v size shake towards the bottom half of my nail, I’m just going for two coats of this because that first coat wasn’t to a peak for my liking now using a dotting tool dipped in pink polish I’m gonna make three large dots straight across the top of that be then using the brush of the pig polish I’m gonna manipulate that into a sort of circle slash half circle on top of those dots to make the top of the Ice cream, this is all about working with your polish brush the tools you already have rather than grabbing for nail art brush that you might not have you might need to add a couple of coats depending on.Thank polish that you’re using for full opacity finally I’m using this pop art by nails INC polish that I’ve got from a couple years ago and I’m popping that on top of the pink polish act has hundreds and thousands or sprinkles or whatever else you can get on Ice cream and I’m just spreading that around using a small dotting tool, but if you don’t have that kind of polish you can use glitter or use dots of different colored polish completely up to you because all you need is a dotting tool, finish off with a fast drying top coat and that’s design number two for the design, you’re going need to dotting tools, a large one and a small one using the large one that’s a sort of lightly tanned toned polish I’m going to make large random circles lodges wherever you want to call them all over the nail and then with a small dotting tool, I’m going to make small c shapes round about those original tanned dots, these are they need to be perfect, the more random the better actually and then I’m going to fill in the negative space on the nail. Well, with just random dots and lines and shapes and what have you, this has got to be the easiest designer the seven finish off with a fast drying top coat and you’re done for the fourth design, I’m gonna use a small dotting tool, and some white polish and I think about Allied I think this might be the easiest one not the previous anyway to make clouds on your nails, all you do is you dip the tool into white polish and make groups of around six or seven dots similar to the first design we’ve done the flowers except if you want to make them further apart more horizontal and you get a real illusion of clouds add a fast drying top coat and you’re done for the fifth design and come back to my large dotting tool and I’ve looked out a gradient effect of polishes here, I’ve gone with five if you’ve got longer nails you could use seven or shorter nails.You could use three and starting off with the darkest shade and making a large dock near the cuticle and I’m following that all the way down to the tip of the nail gone from dark brown to light, this effect looks best over a nude polish and just finish off with a fast drying top coat and you’re done you’re on to the sixth design, you’re gonna need a medium and a small sized dotting tool, and then an assortment of your favorite colors starting with a pale base color, just make random dots from the tip of your nail up towards the cuticle getting smaller and this is what you call a dot a cure I could actually say it I’ve gone with some quite bright colors, here I think this would be quite nice for spring, but like I said use the medium dotting tool at the tip and then the smaller one neither the cuticle there’s no right.Wrong way of doing this put down as much dots as you think you would like to use more than me or use less it’s completely up to yourself and to your final design I am using my large and small dotting tool, but not just yet again I’m gonna be using the brush that comes with the polish and I’m going to cover the top half of my nail with my chosen color, the line at the top doesn’t need to be clean or straighten input at that because that’s what we’re going to put the dots straight across that I’m making a line of dots taking that all the way up to near the cuticle in an art shape and all the way back down again joining them up and filling it in I’m gonna make a on the top with my large dotting tool, and then in the center, I’m gonna pop some small dots with different color polish before the hundreds and thousands again, or the sprinkles or whatever you get cupcakes and I’m finishing off with a flashlight.So go ahead and leave me a comment down below.